EZ Travel


An interactive walkthrough training for air travel

Designed at RIT - MFA Computer Graphics Design (2012)

Air travel has become more complicated lately and security checks more stringent. Any missing documents could lead to unwanted hassles. Getting equipped with the knowledge of required procedures can make the experience less overwhelming or strenuous.

Project Details

  • Research
    Getting in the Deep

    Excited and overwhelmed emotions can cloud your minds before travel. It is so easy to forget some of the critical documents involved in a smooth transition of fights or ever more complicated international travel. One might often look for some quick online help that would run through the procedures needed to go through before arrival and at the airport. My intention was to create an application for the web that is conveniently accessible, easy to understand and engaging. Making it visual also adds to its retention value.

  • Objective
    Resoning and structure

    To create an instructional flash application for the web that would facilitate air travelers to learn and get acquainted with the procedures they need to undergo during their travel, in a user friendly environment. The application also serves as an informal training which provides a ‘Check Your Understanding’ option, allowing users to test their knowledge once they have read through the different sections of the application. There are intermediate quizzes that help users to refresh their knowledge as they go through the modules.

  • Design & Development

    —  Translating data into visual representation
    —  User interaction to make the content engaging
    —  Use vector graphics as visual style
    —  Simulations (where applicable) to explain procedures effectively
    —  Building the shell in flash and loading external .swf files for modules and topics
    —  Linear process flow in the order of procedures
    —  Multiple ways of navigation to ensure ease of use
    —  Assessments at the end of each module
    —  A final quiz that would enable users to check their knowledge level

  • Design Considerations
    Thinking Through

    —  Understanding that the user might just want to know about a certain procedure and hence allowing navigation that would enable the user to skip modules
    —  Keeping the graphics simple yet communicative
    —  Making the interface appealing with intuitive navigation system
    —  Ensuring that the content is represented in an interesting manner and highlighting important content
    —  A summary checklist of documents that can be printed as a reference sheet

Application Screenshots Gallery

Following are some of the screenshots from this interactive module. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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