An interactive math game for children with ADHD with "Maddy the Mathasaurus"

Designed at RIT - MFA Thesis (2013)

Maddy the Mathasaurus is an engaging and interactive educational math game that introduces the concept and properties of multiplication. This application is specially designed and geared towards children with ADHD but is not limited to them.

Project Details

  • Objective
    My Motivation

    ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioral disorder in kids, and is estimated to affect about 8–10% of school-aged children. Research shows that out of these children about 26% particularly have Math learning disabilities. The cognitive ability to understand and solve complex mathematical problems requires high level of concentration over a longer duration of time. This ability is disrupted in certain children due to ADHD. Therefore these students are likely to receive lower grades or even failure in standardized measures. However, if an educational environment is created that is specifically targeted towards reducing the disruptive behavioral patterns in these individuals by designing activities that increase engagement time and motivate them to practice mathematical problems, this issue can be addressed effectively.

  • Research
    Getting in the Deep

    Before starting the project, I spent a lot of time researching related topics such as: ADHD, Math Learning Disability, Computer Assisted Instruction, Cognitive Theories, Illustrating for Children, Educational Games, Concept of Multiplication & Properties of Multiplication.
    Apart from therapy and medication, an innovative way of learning would help these children focus and concentrate while enabling them to understand complicated math concepts easily. This project is created to be an interactive educational game built in Adobe Flash, that is geared towards children with ADHD and math learning disability, encouraging them to try a new method of learning and practicing math while having fun with a variety of activities.

  • Structure
    Instructional Design

    The Structure of this project was divided into 3 verticals – LEARN, PRACTICE and PLAY. It focuses on introducing the concept of multiplication through animations, reinforcement of that concept through interactive play activities and practice section that allows for testing of the knowledge gained. This module is extensible and contains linear and non-linear activities to ensure introduction of concept, guided learning and hands-on practice.

  • Testing & Feedback
    Validation of success

    From the testing results, it was clear that this project has a very strong visual appeal and is well balanced in terms of fun and education. It has helped children to focus for a longer duration of time as opposed to traditional methods of solving multiplication problems on paper.
    I also received feedback from a father who spent long hours creating multiplication flash cards for his daughter so that she could practice random equations. Here is his e-mail response when I sent a link to the application for her:

    “Hi Mansi, Thank you for sending us the links. My daughter will have a lot of fun practicing her multiplication. What a fantastic work this application is! I hope it will be put to good use and help many kids with their learning.”

Application Screenshots Gallery

Following are some of the screenshots from this interactive module. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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